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Bubs & Tots (pre-filled) Party Bags are a new extension to Frieda Thiel Bakes products. 

It was created by a mum (Frieda Thiel) who noticed a gap in the market. On that note created this super awesome niche product as a solution to parents. It takes the hassle and time out of party bag planning for the mum or dad running slim on time during organising a first birthday party or special event for little ones, let's face it planning parties can be fun but also requires loads of time, and as for party bags? don't most parents just throw things together and call it a day? 

Bubs & Tots is specifically designed for babies and toddlers (under 3) and the best thing about it is, every bag option can be adjusted with age appropriate snacks,treats and toys. Meaning we take the time, love and care to make bags that are right for your individual party. 

All our snack products used are from brands we know parents already love and recognise.

All toys are chosen with the age of each child in mind, even as young as 0+ months old, we have you covered!

Parents now have the option to give every baby and child a party bag or favour at a special occasion, as we know even at children's parties for over 5's there will always be a little bubba who deserves a go-away party bag too! But this time we've made it just right for them. 

This is why we offer solo bags as well as bulk party bag orders making it super flexible for parents so they can buy the amount they actually need to cater for.

Each bag is handmade and can be personaliased with a child's name or a message on a gift tag which is attached to each bag.

Because each bag is uniquely made, they may all differ in appearance but will all be of the same standard of great quality.

PLEASE NOTE: If a specific toy/treat/snack is out of stock, a suitable or different replacement will be made, but all bags will be of the same great quality. We don't use specific brands of water, or chocolates, or toys, and any brands we do use if a specific product is unavailable we will offer a suitable substitution in its place! We will also offer options like "mix and match" so there is variety in each bag or you can ask for each bag to be made similar, which will mean products will be closely matched as possible but each child may receive it in a different colour, or style. 

If you would like to make an enquiry for a large amount of bags, a "commissioned custom order" or a regular "custom or personalised order" 

please use the contact form below or email us at 

have a question? check out our FAQ's down below or contact us! we are always happy to help.

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FAQ: do you create pre-filled party bags for older age groups? (e.g  3 years+  or  7 years+)
(A) Yes we do create personalised bags for older age groups. These are orders which we are commissioned to design and create specifically to fit your needs and your party through a " commissioned custom order" this  type of order also includes  things like specific themes. We pride ourselves in providing a high standard of quality pre-filled party bags, that are super jammed packed with great snacks, cool toys and fun treats. We aim to create lasting impressions on kids, so when a child goes home and opens one of our party bags, it gives them an activity to do, a treat to enjoy and most of all a pack full of fun! we don't pre-fill our bags with typical items ( e.g your usual "bubbles, colouring book, etc...." we like to think we go the extra mile in providing a gift in the form of a party bag making it extra special and one to remember.

FAQ: I have a party with under 3's but i also have a 5 year old and 10 years old coming to
the party can you create pre-filled bags for the two older children with my existing order?

(A) of course, we would never leave children out! We aim to make a parents life as simple as possible, why go through the hassle in ordering bags for under 3's then go through the hassle of ordering or making  seperate bags for older ages also attending? We are more than happy to accomodate for odd ages within an under 3s party, these bags  being included makes it a "commissioned custom order" , so please contact us to make an enquiry for this type of order - when placing an order for party bags that include older ages as well as the age we specifically cater for.

FAQ: how far in advance do i need to place an order for a large amount of party bags (10+) 
or if i want to place a commissioned custom order?

(A) We recommend placing this type of order within 1-4 weeks in advance of your special event to avoid disappointment. Items are not perishable so can be ordered in plenty of time before your celebration so you can get party bags crossed off your list as soon as possible!  commissioned custom orders take more attention to detail and time to create as these are new designs and ideas being brought to life, so we highly recommend placing this type of order at least  2-4 weeks in advance. Our regular custom or personalised orders do not take as much time to create as they are created from our range so we recommend  1-3 weeks in advance if  its a large order. If you need bags sooner, please contact us first for availability.

FAQ: what's the difference between a (1) commissioned custom order and a (2) regular custom or personalised order? 
(A) a commissioned custom order involves a customer giving us the task of completing a deluxe bespoke order suited to a specific theme or specific personalised request that is not available to purchase from our range of featured party bag products. These bags are as special as special can get, and include our highest quality of presentation and quality of packaging and products which suit the customers needs for their specific celebration, which could be anything from kids wedding favours, baptism favours, or bespoke first birthday party bags, let your imagination run wild!

(A) a regular custom or personalised order is limited to themes and specific personalisation requests. These bags are usually created from our bags we advertise with small tweaks to suit the customer, for example you may see one of our bags you like but it needs to be made to suit a 1  years old even though the bag was originally created for a 2 year old or 3 year old. This means some items may be swapped around, You may also request to add additional snacks or an extra toy you liked from again another bag you've seen advertised within our range. This is how your party bag becomes custom and personalised to your party by us making these types of alterations, and lastly customers have the option to include a personalised gift tag with a child's  name or message.

FAQ: Do you cater for special dietary requirements? (e.g allergies & intolerances)
(A) Yes we do. we have vegetarian friendly options available and can easily accommodate for special dietary requirements in regards to snacks and treats that are included in your party bag option. In some cases we may be limited in the amount of snacks and treats we can include because of this so we may compensate snacks and treats by including extra toys and play items if needed.

FAQ: Do you cater for children with special needs or disabilities?
(A) Yes we do. For bags of this nature its best to have a chat with us first so we can keep the needs of the child in mind while creating a personalised bag for them. We have sensory bag options which are great, these bags may include items which vary in age, please note we add these items with the expectation a child will always be supervised and supported by an adult during sensory play for health and safety.

FAQ: I'm a social media influencer and would love to work with you, what's the best way to do this?
(A) please express your interest via email or make an enquiry below.

we will be in contact with you in regards to collaboration availability If we think your a right fit to represent our brand.

FAQ: I have a party for adults not children can you cater to this with appropriate party bags/favours? 
(A) Yes we can. This would be a commissioned custom order request, perfect for events like baby showers, 
birthday parties, giveaway gifts for events and more. Please get in touch with your requirements to receive a custom quote.


Make An Enquiry Or Large Order Booking 

got it! we aim to respond within 1-3 working days :)

(Babies & Toddlers )

Bespoke Cake & Party Bag Combo's

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Older Age Bags

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