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Hello there!

Welcome to my sweet corner of the world. I'm Frieda Thiel—self-taught baker, proud mother of one, and a sprinkle of joy in the entertainment industry, where I've taken the stage as an actress.


You might recognize me as "Shavon" from the BBC Three series "Just A Couple," a creation close to my heart by my talented brother and director, Sebastian Thiel. My journey has woven through high-profile TV shows and feature films like "Been So Long" on Netflix, "My Brother The Devil" at the Sundance Film Festival, and appearances on shows like Suspects (Channel 5), Vera (ITV), Law And Order UK (ITV), Our Girl (BBC), and Doctors (BBC).

Beyond the screen, I found another passion in the art of baking. What started as a cozy hobby for family and friends blossomed into a delightful venture when new clients couldn't resist placing orders for themselves.


For me, baking isn't just about crafting delectable treats—it's about creating cakes that not only taste divine but also captivate with their visual charm.


Witnessing the joy a slice of cake brings to someone's face is my ultimate reward.

Here's to spreading sweetness and smiles—because every occasion deserves a touch of yummy magic!

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